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05:04 31/10/12 The shiest visitor

The shiest visitor

Tags: shiest, visitor

05:02 31/10/12 Twink gets his ass slapped

Twink gets his ass slapped

Tags: ass, slapped, twink

05:09 31/10/12 Don't cry lad

Don't cry lad

Tags: cry, lad

05:05 31/10/12 Full of initiative

Full of initiative

Tags: full, initiative

05:05 30/10/12 Some nice punishment

Some nice punishment

Tags: nice, punishment

05:01 29/10/12 Threesome fun

Threesome fun

Tags: fun, threesome

05:02 27/10/12 Gay friendship

Gay friendship

Tags: friendship, gay

05:00 27/08/12 Three is always better than two

Three is always better than two


01:35 26/08/12 My Spank Boys

My Spank Boys

Tags: boys, spank

06:51 25/08/12 Vintage Gay OTK Spanking

Vintage Gay OTK Spanking

Tags: gay, otk, spanking, vintage

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